The “Euro Fatwa” application should be banned

Euro Fatwa
Apple refuses to remove an antisemitic application, which advocates radicalization

«Euro Fatwa» exposes the terrorism of Qaradawi .. Smart applications and a tool for terrorist organizations to spread ideologies.

The deletion of the global site «Google» to apply (the jurisprudence of the European Muslim) or the so-called (Euro Fatwa) of the European Council for Fatwa and Research.

The application contains the content of :

  • an atheist spreading hatred
  • urges hostility Violence against non-Muslims
  • the promotion of Islamophobia.

The “Euro Fatwa” application should be banned from the Apple Store application after being deleted from Google Play.

 Need to consider by Apple to remove this non-peaceful application.

Euro-fatwa App under discussion in Paris. @Apple still hasn’t removed it from the store.

Apple refuses to remove an antisemitic application, which advocates radicalization.

Legal action launched against Apple in bid to ban hate app

What is The “Euro Fatwa” application ?!

«Euro Fatwa»

(30%) representing the personal status provisions, (20%) of the fatwas, Of which financial transactions, and (18%) of them for the community.

Which raised the panic in the hearts of many Westerners.

Because of

  • The issued by the advisory opinions of the orientation
  • Ideology with narrow goals and far from the concept of homeland and citizenship and coexistence.

Who is the Al-Qaradawi ?!

  • Al-Qaradawi was the founder of this program and he established its foundations and rules.
  • Qaradawi is on the international terrorism list
  • He is banned from entering several countries such as America, Britain and France.
  • Qaradawi is trying to implant the values ​​of chaos in these peoples by establishing this application.
  • He is a person linked to Qatar and terrorism, who incited many peoples to kill and chaos and destroy their countries.
  • Qaradawi issued anti-Semitic fatwas saying “kill them all until the last”Issued fatwas requiring suicide attacks.
  • He is a member of the Muslim Brotherhood who spread enmity and chaos all over the world.

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