Technology world war is coming between US & China

A technology world war is coming soon

Actions and companies around the world are going into a raging technology world war for the future of technology between the US and China. Pushing them to take sides in a dispute that fractures global supply chains and drives corporations out of profitable markets.

The new victim is TikTok, a teen-popular streaming platform that has hundreds of millions of loyal fans in markets like India and the US. The app is owned by a Chinese firm but operated by an American CEO.

The first big hit came last month when, after a violent border battle with China, TikTok was blocked in India, leaving at least 20 Indian soldiers dead. Instead, on Monday, US officials said they’d look at blocking the device because they believe it’s a possible threat to national security. The news broke, when the firm announced it would leave Hong Kong due to fears about China’s enforced sweeping national security legislation in the region.

Technology World War

“Being a genuinely global tech company is getting harder,” said Dipayan Ghosh. The Harvard Kennedy School’s co-director of the Digital Media and Democracy Initiative.

The fight between the two biggest economies in the world right now cuts to the heart of that issue. The U.S. and China battle for artificial intelligence, super-fast cell 5 G networks and other technologies. Though the countries have long-running economic relations that require some cooperation. Recent strains over national security have forced their governments and companies to rethink such partnerships.

The technology world war often bleeds in those countries’ ties with other world forces. For example , the United Kingdom is re-examining its decision. To give Chinese tech giant Huawei the right to help develop a 5 G network for the region. The analysis comes after the U.S. Which has previously threatened Huawei. It placed restrictions on the firm. That may prohibit other firms from supplying it with the chipsets it needs to develop its next-generation technologies.

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