Technology developed for Alexa to understand Welsh

Technology developed to make it possible for Alexa to understand Welsh

The gadgets are becoming increasingly relevant in our everyday lives with at least one in five British households using smart speakers. This one helps Alexa

Welsh has long been one of the few languages which Amazon Alexa does not support.

The technological difficulties of ensuring that the Alexa program was able to comprehend commands in Welsh is so herculean that it’s no wonder that no one was able to complete the feat, but Swansea-based Mobilise Cloud has managed to create the technology that enables Alexa to comprehend the Welsh language: a world first.

Y Pod also supported the content in Welsh language for the certain program.

Y Pod (https:/ is a service which puts together Welsh podcasts in one place. It has got enough for everybody with over 70 podcasts on sale.

The skill of Amazon AI to understand Welsh has the power. To make technologies open to 1000’s of people who talk in the language.

As an example of the technology application. S4C has introduced a new capability for Amazon AI called Welsh Language Podcasts. Which also enables people to search for unique content via the Welsh medium.

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