SB Technology holds Japan’s first Microsoft Team Earnings briefing

SB Technology holds Japan's first Microsoft Team Earnings briefing

SB technology Company last month held Japan’s first results briefing on Microsoft Teams for over 80 attendees, a key step in transitioning to interactive market activities.

Every year the financial reporting cycle from April to June is a daily hustle for Japanese firms, filled with meetings, numerous announcements and media and analyst briefings. However, this year’s COVID-19 assault has forced companies to shift their web coverage and spur a major national hunt for new solutions.

SB Technology

Using the live events functionality of Microsoft Staff, SB Technology briefing online earnings results enrolled attendees via a quick click-through connection on laptops, smartphones , and tablets. It also assigns passwords for microphones and conversations so that thousands of users can quickly listen in and ask questions.

Before the meeting, SB Technologies provided a step-by – step usage manual to participants. To ensure that all attendees were familiar with the video conferencing process. Which came in two formats for both desktop and handheld computers. Which contained ground rules for contact. It also carried out link checks and a dry run so the case could be conducted without a delay.

On the day of the operation, social distancing and specific security precautions were taken. For those who were attending the simulated briefing. Including adequate distancing of seats and space ventilation.

On 27 April, Japan’s first earnings briefing was successfully live from the head office of SB Technology.

The organization plans to use this successful video training as a best practice for future interactive event preparation.

“Many companies have had to implement work-from – home policies. Also refrain from holding events with Japan having declared a state of emergency. Microsoft Teams will allow them to securely hold their events, and communicate without any special equipment or systems. We hope our successful earnings briefing during these difficult times can be a good reference model for companies in Japan”. A company spokesperson said.

SB Technology is a Microsoft cloud partner and a seven-time Microsoft Partner of the Year award winner.

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