Samsung and Apple before the judiciary

Samsung and Apple
Suing Samsung and Apple for misleading consumers about potentially dangerous devices.

Samsung and Apple before the judiciary and the reason is Cancer. There were rumors that had not been scientifically or medically confirmed that the vibrations of modern smartphones caused some brain-disturbing diseases.

Why Samsung and Apple before the judiciary?

These rumors have returned in another way through a lawsuit filed against Samsung and Apple for cancer. What do they have in common? Are they competing against each other in the global phone market?

What is the common denominator between them?

They have sued Samsung and Apple over allegations that their phones expose users to radiofrequency emissions of up to 500 percent, exceeding federal borders.

In the meantime, there is controversy over the validity of these allegations about smartphones, and the case filed after an investigation by the Chicago Tribune newspaper, which says that the RF emissions of several phones Samsung and Apple, including «iPhone 8» iPhone X and Galaxy S8 are “far beyond federal guidelines.”

The risks of these radiation levels include:

  • increased risk of cancer
  • cellular stress
  • genetic damage
  • learning
  • memory deficits
  • neurological disorders
  • a large list of other medical problems

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) tests the phones with a “specific absorption rate” that measures the rate of;

  • Electromagnetic radiation absorbed by the body when exposed to an electromagnetic field.

No device sold in America can exceed 1.6 watts per gram of tissue on average, according to the FCC, while European regulators allow 2 watts per gram.

However, health activists consider these levels to be outdated, with the FCC guidelines being drawn up in 1997. They largely based on tests conducted by the US military on top of a 100-kg soldier.

The damage caused by phones

Children are more likely to the damage caused by phones:

But children can absorb over 150 percent of phone radiation more than adults, and up to 10 times more radiation through their skulls. With children today using modern smartphones Samsung and Apple, some researchers say the FCC guidelines are inadequate.

Samsung and Apple

Suing Samsung and Apple for misleading consumers about potentially dangerous devices.

Public health organization opinion:

So far, no large public health organization has linked cell phone use to cancer or other serious diseases. But several studies have found that even at levels lower than those identified by the FCC, significant health effects can occur.

What is the main purpose of the case?

None of the plaintiffs in the lawsuit against the technology giants said they had already suffered from any illness or health problems, but they are suing Samsung and Apple for misleading consumers about potentially dangerous devices.

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