An Industrial technological research on cannabis production

Industrial research on cannabis production

In 2013, Root Sciences developed one of the first cannabis cultivation and processing operations in the United States; and has continuously played a major role in the development of industry-leading cannabis concentrate production techniques since. Five years after the company introduced wiped-film short-path molecular distillation into the cannabis processing market, Root Sciences collaborated with German manufacturer DEVEX Verfahrenstechnik GmbH, a world leader in botanical extraction solutions, with the ultimate aim of improving the entire cannabinoid extraction and purification process.

New Tech for Cannabis

Together, the two companies merged their expertise and launched CryoEXS extraction systems in 2019, with DEVEX supplying the systems directly in Europe; reducing the extraction and post-processing time requirements from a few days to only a few hours.

It is no secret in today’s dynamic marketplace that companies are also constantly finding ways to boost their competitive advantage by streamlining procedures, increasing efficiency , reducing costly downtime, and reducing cost of production.

This is exceptionally true for the extraction companies operating within the rapidly evolving hemp and cannabis industries. Also perhaps one of the most successful ways for cannabis growers to make these dramatic changes to their bottom line is by investing in robust machinery specially designed to satisfy special operating specifications.

To company owners and developers looking to leverage the value of their manufacturing activities, CryoEXS systems are the obvious alternative. The streamlined design of the system reduces requirements for installations, while its automation features and also clean-in-place procedures minimize downtime. These advantages enable efficiency , consistency and the potential for increased profit.

The plant crude oil has also traditionally been extracted from raw plant matter. Through one of these three processes: extraction of CO2; extraction of light hydrocarbons; and also extraction of warm ethanol. Each of these mainstream approaches has its own niche within the cannabis industry. And each has produced cannabinoid extraction solutions on a small scale.

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