Qalby Etmaan: The show that really cares

Qalby Etmaan

Ramadan month is a perfect opportunity for all to be their best self! Holy month vibes inspire us to do positive things and to contribute back to the world. Among the endless list of Ramadan stories, talk shows and prank shows, there’s a program of Emirati social experiments which also encourages viewers to do well, Qalby Etmaan!

Qalby Etmaan is a television series that follows a young Emirati man named Ghaith as he journeys around the country and tries to support people in need in different ways. The series was brought to life in collaboration with the “Sona3 El Amal” project of Sheik Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, the Emirati Red Cross and the Sharjah Charity Institution.

Qalby Etmaan’s purpose

In 2018, the first season premiered, and the second season is now on view during Ramadan. Egypt’s fifteenth episode is also a phenomenon on YouTube, with almost a million views!

The series is really touching and also heart-warming, and is inspiring viewers to rethink their life goals and roles. Throughout the series, by traveling around the world to meet new people and listen to their stories of misery, need and pain, Ghaith attempts to find out the essence of his inner self and tranquility.

The presenters intend to make the “Ghaith” character anonymous, in order to focus primarily on doing good and not on the person doing the task, so the second season witnessed a change in Ghaith’s clothes, with the aim of reducing the possibilities of his knowledge among the audience.

The show is genuinely inspiring and relieving, and also inspires audiences to reconsider their aspirations and positions in life. Across the show Ghaith seeks to figure out the nature of his true self and calmness by moving all over the world to meet new folks and listen to their tales of suffering, desire and suffering.

Qalby Etmaan is on its official YouTube channel of the show. You also can watch it from here. Season 3 is being broadcasted now. We highly recommend watching it since we all need to feel such things in our daily lives.

And also here are some episodes of the show which show a great affection and goodness:





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