Dubai carry on the one million Arab coders initiative

Dubai carry on the one million Arab coders initiative

Dubai is searching for the next best coders from the Arab world to help avoid the spread of the novel coronavirus as part of its One Million Arab Coders Initiative. Launched by the Dubai Future Foundation (DFF) of the Emirates, the ‘OMAC COVID-19 Hackathon’ is a ‘Coders vs Corona’ initiative targeted at coders capable of creating ‘innovative approaches to the problems raised by the COVID-19 epidemic.’ Such strategies would concentrate on developing efficient health care programs and apps, healthcare, social justice and even funding entrepreneurs.

The one million Arab coders initiative

“The hackathon offers a forum for participants to showcase their potential talents, concepts and expertise of using the programming language techniques,” DFF said in a statement. ” “It’s also a chance to inspire them to show their coding skills by developing innovative solutions to the problems the program poses.”

The website of the hackathon is now accepting applications from teams containing between two and five participants. Until choosing the top 30 teams / ideas, a special committee – including representatives from various government departments, development providers, research centers and academic institutions – will review submissions. They would be expected to meet with superiors to plan samples, along with a two-minute test video demonstration. A DFF jury, which will pick five projects, will review the final fifteen team proposals, awarding them a grant of $50,000 to begin work on their plan.

How is this important?

Coinciding with World Imagination and Innovation Day (WCID) on April 21.  The UAE was keen to raise public awareness of “the importance of creativity and innovation in addressing challenges. To achieve the Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations (UN) and other facets of human progress.”

As this year’s WCD comes at a time when the world is fighting the coronavirus pandemic. The United Nations has also called on innovators to help avoid COVID-19 spreading. The UAE government has also demonstrated the use of various sophisticated and intelligent technologies. Such as artificial intelligence – with the introduction of the world’s first COVID-19 facility outside China. COVID-19 screening centers “drive-thru; smart helmets; and sterilization robots.

The one million arab coders initiative is a huge step towards eliminating coronavirus.

“The confirmation of ‘OMAC COVID-19 Hackathon’ is part of the efforts of DFF. To meet the dream of HH Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum. Vice-President and Premier of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai. And also his conviction that a strong knowledge-based economy encourages continuous learning, imagination and innovation. As well as inspiring young people to grow their talents in all fields. Including coding, this will also lead to the nation’s growth, “said Abdulaziz AlJaziri, DFF’s Deputy CEO and COO.

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