Nitro Typing Race Game

Nitro Typing Race
Nitro Typing Racer motivates kids for typing with just two fingers.

Do you like Nitro Typing Race Game? Race against time by writing easy words! Earn $ to buy cool racing cars.

Nitro Typing Racer motivates kids for typing with just two fingers.

Hours will  save in the future by becoming an efficient typist.

What is Nitro Typing Race Game?

It is a multiplayer car racing game which depends on typing speed and accuracy are the keys to victory.

Players start the game with a basic vehicle matched up with other players on a race track.

They can use to buy new cars by earning nitro and cash for winning races.

Basic Game Information

 Austin Butler who create the typing game.

It is a free game that teaches you how to type and gets your accuracy up.

This game pits racers against each other in a competitive match with friends and other users.

Nitro Type:

  • Holds events that have limited-time achievements and cars.
  • Has a lot of cool little features like rearranging your garage, painting your cars, buying cars, earning cars, and racing with your car.
  • Allows you to earn in-game cash and can create a lot of fun and encouraging things for the community.

Online Typing Race Games are used by both kids and adults to increase their typing speed (words per minute.)

Typing is a vital part of using a computer which most uses as a tool in their occupation.

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