«Microsoft»: Iran tried to piracy the US presidential campaign

US presidential campaign
Electronic hacking

A group of hackers linked to the Iranian government has tried to penetrate e-mail accounts of the US presidential campaign, former and current US officials, journalists and others, including US software giant Microsoft, have said.

According to Bloomberg News:

Microsoft Vine President Tom Burt said that four accounts, although not linked to

  • an unnamed presidential campaign
  • current or former US government officials
  • It had been “hacked” by Group called phosphorus

«Microsoft»: Iran tried to piracy the US presidential campaign

When did the attack take place?

Burt said in the leaflet:

The attacks occurred in a period of 30 days between August and September.  So, The phosphorus group has made more than 2,700 attempts to identify user e-mail accounts. Which linked to specific Microsoft users and then 241 of these accounts were attacked.

He explained that:

The targeted accounts linked to

  • A US presidential campaign
  • Current and former officials in the US government
  • As well as, Journalists who cover global politics and prominent Iranians living outside Iran.

Microsoft’s announcement

It came as the presidential campaign is getting hotter amid fears that the 2020 election could run the risk of

  1. Russian hacking
  2. social media efforts in the 2016 election

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