Huawei transparency and openness will continue

Huawei transparency and openness
Huawei has shown a good example in promoting and maintaining transparency.

Ren Zheng, CEO, and founder of China’s telecommunications giant Huawei said the company will continue to enhance its Huawei transparency and openness and regard itself as a listed company.

Huawei transparency and openness

Vincent Bang, a senior vice president and chairman of Huawei, said in an interactive session last night that was a review of the company’s first-half 2019 results in New York.

The company plans to hold activities in an effort to update the company’s development and clarify any questions.

What is the new strategy?

The company currently follows accounting and liability rules.

such as:

  • Listed companies
  • issue annual reports for more than 10 years

The types of reports:

The company issued quarterly and semi-annual reports on the results of its operations, both in April and July respectively.

Pang stressed that Huawei will continue to issue quarterly and semi-annual reports and has nothing to hide since its first day.

Paul Triolo, who heads the Technical Practice Section of Eurasia Group, a research and consulting firm on geopolitical risks.

Huawei has shown a good example in promoting and maintaining transparency, although it is not publicly traded.

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