How to protect your phone from hackers ?!

phone from the hackers
protect your phone from the hackers of «and keep up» .. Here's how

Protect your phone from the hackers, Despite the adventurous and personal adventure of users in trading and sending private images, they are keen to preserve the privacy of their personal, professional and personal data, images and messages.

How to protect your phone from the hackers of «and keep up» .. Here’s how

We all know that hackers do not stop devising ways to infiltrate smartphones, especially those who use an application and sync, and hacking in this direction has taken a new form to steal photos or sensitive videos sent by users.

Information technology experts have found that hackers can exploit gaps in Facebook’s proprietary application and simply access it and steal user data.

Example of hacking process

phone from the hackers

protect your phone from the hackers of «and keep up» .. Here’s how

The hacker sends a video to the receiving person first, and once that person starts downloading the video for viewing and viewing.

The pirates take advantage of this short time between downloading and viewing to penetrate the “smartphone”.

Symantec warned that the critical time lag between starting and browsing the video on the phone is an opportunity for hackers to

  • access the phone
  • control its files without user knowledge

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If the “e-gap” is exploited, hackers can grab user-sensitive information, including

  • photos
  • videos
  • documents
  • invoices
  • voice recordings
  • the Metro newspaper
  • Sky News quoted experts as saying

Symantec has said that, although recent use of encryption of messages between the two ends of the conversation.

This procedure does not provide full protection from penetration.

A simple way to protect your smartphone from hacking is through application and synchronization.

This is to make sure the application is up-to-date, as the company is working on every new update to address gaps and fix any detected bugs.

The procedure applies to users of the application in OSOS and Android operating systems, and technology experts.

Advise users to :

  • follow up on Apple Store
  • Play Store for the latest version of the application

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