HBO Max subscription service will debut in the United States on May 27

HBO Max subscription service will debut in the United States on May 27

On May 27, WarnerMedia revealed Tuesday, April 22, US time, streaming network HBO Max-projected to be a big player in the competitive online entertainment industry.

The highly awaited service’s debut – the new home of hit sitcoms Friends and The Big Bang Theory – arrives months after Apple and Disney rivals joined the market late in 2019.

Naturally, for years Netflix, Amazon Prime and Hulu were in the league.

HBO Max also provides a significantly higher cost of coverage than its competitors – $14.99 a month. Compared to $8.99 for Netflix, $6.99 for Disney+ and $4.99 for Apple TV+.

The subscription rate is clarified in part by the fact that it will carry original programming from premium cable channel HBO. Home of Game of Thrones, The Sopranos, Sex and Community, Veep and other big shows.

WarnerMedia, a division of telecoms firm AT&T, is hoping that consumers won’t shy away from the opportunity to access their incredible content library.

It allegedly cost about $1 billion to bring Mates, take it away from Netflix. And The Big Bang Theory for the rights.

HBO subscription rate is high

HBO Max will deliver more than 10,000 hours of programming from day one. It’s covering all of the services, it said in a statement.

A scripted comedy series starring Oscar nominee Anna Kendrick. A sci-fi series partially directed by Ridley Scott. And a new spoof late-night chat show “Sesame Street” starring iconic character Elmo are amongst the recent offerings.

HBO Max will also feature exclusively animated films obtained from the renowned Studio Ghibli in Japan.

WarnerMedia expects to pick up 75-90 million customers in the US, Latin America and Europe by the end of 2025.

Customers who already belong to HBO will be able to use Max at no extra expense.

WarnerMedia has not confirmed a release date for the company outside of the United States yet.

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