Google takes you with your phone to space !!

'Night Mode' On Google Pixel 4 Provides Classy Astrophotography.

In new technological progress and impressive. The company “Google” US details of new technologies provided to its user to move the person with his phone into space.

Amazing technology .. Google takes you with your phone to space !!

According to the magazine “Forbes” America that:

It put the “space imaging” on the phones, “Pixel 4”. which turns the phone into something like “space telescope” takes very clear images of planets and stars.

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Extensive details about the new “space imaging” mode

Two of Google’s software engineers, Florian Caines and Kieran Murthy, gave extensive details about the new “space imaging” mode.

The engineers pointed out that:

The new situation on the “Pixel 4” phones easily turns the camera into a portable “telescope”.

The new model evolves from Pixel 4’s ‘Night Imaging‘ technology in the slightest light and captures images with a large, highly specific technology.

The mode also makes the Pixel 4’s sensors work very efficiently for shooting celestial bodies, drawing on the “artificial intelligence” techniques found in it’s Smart Assistant.

How to use “space imaging” mode?

  1. Pixel 4’s NightSite technology is activated, especially if the phone is mounted on a tripod or a fixed surface.
  2. But this mode needs to take pictures suitable for celestial bodies.
  3. Take a group of individual images collected through the “Google Assistant”.
  4. One image needs about 16 seconds.
  5. The duration of taking the whole image about 4 minutes.

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