Google Play Store removed 85 apps

Google Play Store
85 apps removed from Google Store after 8 million downloads.

After a report released by TrendMicro, Google removed 85 apps from the Google Play Store, revealing that they were designed to be in the form of image editing and gaming apps, but they advertised on the entire screen.

85 apps removed from Google Play Store:

These apps, which have been downloaded more than 8 million times from the Google Store, Are

  • Primarily in the background
  • Earn their profits by posting annoying ads

So, they are difficult to stop or delete because they disappeared from the device after installation.

TrendMicro Security researchers:

Security researchers at TrendMicro revealed that these applications remain out of operation for at least 30 minutes.

What happen to apps after they are installed?!

  1. Start by hiding their icon
  2. Change it briefly on the main screen of the phone
  3. The user can not then delete the application even if he made the deletion

In addition, apps start publishing ads after a while after you don’t use the phone or unlock the screen.

Phones that are not affected by these applications

The team reported that phones running Android 8.0 and above were not affected by these applications.

As these systems require the consent of the user before creating any new shortcut on the screen. Which, will alert the user to the danger of these applications.

Google is always working to remove malicious apps from the store that are suspected of conduct. But often these steps are delayed and are loaded on millions of devices around the world.

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