Facebook launches the Lasso app which rivals TikTok

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Facebook may launch Lasso in India to rival TikTok's popularity

A recent report revealed that Facebook intends to launch its Lasso app, which is competing with the famous short video sharing application TikTok in a new country during the current year. where the Indian website Entrackr revealed that the social media giant intends to launch the Lasso application in India in the mid-2020s. After the company launched it Last year in Mexico, it first launched in the United States in 2018.

Facebook launches the Lasso app which rivals TikTok

Lasso app rivals TikTok

The market analysis company, Sensor Tower, revealed that the Lasso app has been downloaded
  • More than 500,000 times in the United States
  • 2.2 million times in Mexico

Why does Facebook plan to launch the Lasso app in India?

  1. While Facebook hopes to launch the Lasso app in India, which has more than 627 million users.
  2. The Internet has attracted millions of users, especially given Indian users’ interest in TikTok.

What are the challenges faces the Facebook new Lasso app?

It is also believed that launching the application may be a difficult challenge for Facebook.

As it will be difficult to compete with the Chinese application, which has more than 200 million users in India.

Facebook may benefit from the controversy that took place around the TikTok application in India during In 2019.

Why did Google Play and App Store stores remove the app?

When the authorities asked last April that both Google and Apple remove the application from the Google Play and App Store stores.
  • Due to a large number of sexual content on the platform.
Some criticize the new Application
  • However, some reports indicate that despite the strong strength enjoyed by Facebook.
  • This may not guarantee that its application will succeed in the competition of TikTok among users in India.
  • As there is no information on the possibility of its offering to more countries in the future.
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