Facebook is developing a sharing feature and launching it soon

Top Facebook Updates That You Can’t Afford to Miss.

From time to time Facebook surprised us with new developments that add to its famous application and recently announced that the company is working to develop a special feature of its application.

Facebook is developing a sharing feature

According to TechCrunch

Special feature of the Facebook application will be developed, such as

  • The features of Close Friends, which is provided through the application of photo sharing and video “Instagram”.

Fears of Facebook

Many people do not participate in it because they feel that sharing with ‘friends’ is dangerous.

Especially as Facebook friends include

  1. Family
  2. Known friends
  3. Co-workers
  4. Even people who do not know them personally but have sent or accepted a friend request

Facebook development

So it should have worked on a feature that helps users differentiate between public participation

  • That everyone wouldn’t mind seeing.
  • Those very special posts they want only close friends to see.

The no use of facebook private lists

It made it clear that about 95% of its users did not set up private lists within the network. So, It tried to facilitate the process through automatic aggregation.

The process consists of the following steps:

  1. Looks at the relationship between users.
  2. Creating lists such as (secondary friends), (co-workers).
  3. But that did not convince users to increase participation.

Instagram new feature

Instagram launched a new feature that made a difference in the relationship between its users. It called it “close friends” with a special button that allows users to share with them, especially through stories.

The idea came after Instagram found that 85% of users’ private messages went to a few specific people. So, it felt better to help users choose those users as close friends that are easy to share with.

Favourites feature in Facebook

The feature it works with instead of “close friends” is called Favourites. Which also allows users to customize specific friends as favourites, and then

  • Facilitate sharing with them
  • Either for stories
  • Camera-based posts from the messenger application (Messenger)

According to the Arab Technology Portal:

  1. It was noteworthy that the engineer (Jin Machon Wong) was the first to monitor this feature in the Messenger application on the Android system.
  2. Allows users to share what they want with their favourite friends via Messenger.

A spokesman told TechCrunch that:

  1. The feature is still experimental
  2. It is still in the early stages
  3. It has not yet begun testing even with the company’s employees or others.

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