Enseo Investment in Innovations pays off with new patents

Enseo Investment in Innovations pays off with new patents

Enseo, one of the fastest growing service providers of technology in the US, is enjoying major wins during the COVID crisis. In 2020, Enseo has secured over 10 new patents including several patents related to touchless technology and remote control. Enseo has accumulated 78 patents granted by the U.S. this year. Department with Copyright and Trademark. The vast and ever-growing portfolio of patents at Enseo shows its technological leadership and contribution to innovation.

Esneo is expanding

The latest patents require Enseo’s effortless remote management of its 250,000 facilities around the world and Touchless Technology’s innovative technologies for a touchless guest experience. Enseo and Catapult Technologies ®, our sibling organization, have been innovating and running for 20 years. Catapult Tech also built a broad portfolio of continually developing technologies, including the SITE ® property management device, room monitoring technology, IoT, and CONNECTTM.

Enseo CONNECT also turns handheld telephones for visitors into a device for their hotel room. This helps visitors to monitor the TV, lighting, thermostat and also get status reports on the sanitization time and techniques that were used in a specific hotel room or a classroom if placed in a hospital.

“I’ve been told that investing significantly in technology reduces our competitiveness as a company. In this slowdown, we’ve also committed more of our innovation and technological base to create a competitive product portfolio that allows us to help lead the way out of these tough times. Enseo CONNECT is a good example of why technology advancement is still worth it. It invested our money and had a positive

Enseo received the 2020 TechOvation Award for Enseo CONNECT for Hospitality Technology Next Wave. And the company has skyrocketed in hotel growth in North America. CONNECT has been one of Enseo’s quickest shipping items in company history in a matter of weeks. With early figures well in excess of 20,000 spaces. Originally developed and patented in 2015. Enseo CONNECT was at the forefront of Enseo’s contactless product range. Along with VERATM (Video Activated Remote Agent) and Made Safe ® CheckpointTM. A touchless system that detects high temperature pre-shift associations.

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