Current temperature changes after the Russian nuclear explosion

Current temperature
The most dangerous radioactive material from nuclear explosions

Current temperature changes after the Russian nuclear explosion, after the nuclear explosion during a nuclear-powered missile test. It increases in the proportion of radiation levels rose from four times to 16 times in the explosion. While the Green Peace Organization (Greenpeace) raised its estimate to about 20 times.

All you need to know about nuclear radiation and its risks

What is nuclear radiation?

Nuclear radiation is a powerful natural atomic activity occurring within the atoms of heavy elements atomic, in which the atomic nucleus loses some of its particles and turns the element’s atom into another element.

What produces this radiation?

This radiation caused by direct and deliberate nuclear explosions, such as in wars, or by accidental leakage of radiation from nuclear power reactors when fires or explosions occur.

What is the history of nuclear pollution?

Nuclear radiation dates back to the end of World War II, when the first atomic bomb dropped on Hiroshima in 1945, killing and maiming most of its inhabitants.

Current temperature

The most dangerous radioactive material from nuclear explosions

What are the risks of this radiation?

The severity of atomic radiation depends on how close to the site of the explosion or nuclear leakage, and leads to serious illnesses, ranging from congenital malformations of embryos to death in a short period.

So, Radiation can also lead to skin and blood cancers, cataracts and poor fertility.

In relatively remote areas, increased radiation levels can lead to slow nuclear poisoning that only develops after several years, often leading to some cancers.

Symptoms of infection?

Symptoms include:

  • Vomiting
  • Nausea
  • Internal and external bleeding
  • Tearing of the skin

What is the most dangerous radioactive material from nuclear explosions?

Cesium, which affects the whole body, especially muscles, liver, and spleen, may last sixty years.

The most important is krypton gas, which affects the human body and causes leukemia, and may continue its impact twenty years after the explosion.

While, Strichium, which is like the elements of calcium and barium, and its impact concentrated on the bone Vsibha cancer and may continue to effect 56 years.

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Damage to nuclear pollution not limited to its direct effects on human life and health. But also to contaminate or poison all aspects of the environment in which it lives;

  • water
  • food
  • soil
  • rocks
  • clothing
  • tools

The exposure of the organism to nuclear radiation affects:

  • The atoms that make up the molecules of the human body
  • Leading to the destruction of these tissues
  • Threatening the life of the organism

So, The risk from this radiation depends on several factors, including their type, an amount of energy and time of exposure.

Current temperature changes after the Russian nuclear explosion

What are the effects of radiation on future generations?

So, The impact of radiation on successive generations is clear in the temperature today, as the Current temperature changes alot across the world.

The effect ofradiation on future generations:

  • killing thousands of people
  • Causing burns and deformities
  • Seriously injuring their grandchildren

What are the ways to dispose of nuclear waste?

There are several ways to dispose of nuclear waste according to a seriousness. The most recent of which is to save waste in a porcelain or glass insulating materials of borosilicate type.

This done by mixing the waste with a calcined material, then melting at high temperature, and the mixture poured into non-steel containers. Rustproof and buried at great depths underground.

Wastes of low and medium impact placed after cooling in the ground where they surrounded by a layer of cement or rock or dumped into the sea and ocean waters.

As well as, Wastes with strong radiation placed in water to cool them and then buried deep in the ground.

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