How technology helped Asian nations deal with coronavirus pandemic

How technology has helped Asian nations deal with coronavirus pandemic

Technology has helped some Asian countries adapt rapidly to disturbances caused by the coronavirus pandemic and have encouraged them to cope a little better, according to the region ‘s chairman, Mckinsey & Company.

In its latest study, the consultancy said there are many places where Asian governments and companies relied on technology to safeguard people’s wellbeing and prosperity, in the face of significant shocks to the global economy.

McKinsey’s results found the “pace of implementation of technologies in and around. Asia has allowed many Asian countries to cope slightly better”. Oliver Tonby on Wednesday at CNBC’s “Squawk Box”

“Let’s be very clear: we’re still far from the jungle, we’re in this pandemic’s early stages. Nevertheless, technology has led, “he said.

Many of the forms the study highlights how technology has also improved. They include: Tracing and testing, Combining resources and Sharing information.

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