Tear gas hurled at protesters in Sudan

Tear gas hurled at protesters in Sudan

Protests erupted in Sudan on 19th of December against the government after officials announced a rise in fuel and bread prices.

Over the course of 2018, prices of many goods had doubled while the Sudanese pound plunged in value. The latest protests however focused on ousting President Omar al-Bashir who has been ruling for 29 years.

The economy had also been strained by sanctions from the US over 20 years, though it was lifted in October 2017. The protests have gotten violent as Sudan’s security forces have fired tear gas at protesters after the Friday prayers.

Demonstrations have also erupted in other areas such as North Khartoum, Port Sudan, and Atbara. Since the protests have started 19 people have died, but Amnesty International has stated that 37 protesters had been shot dead.

Several groups involved in the protests have released a joint statement stating that nine opposition leaders had been arrested in Khartoum, these individuals were Senior leader of Sudan’s communist party, Siddiq Youssef and leaders from Pan-Arab Ba’ath and Nasserist parties.