Suicide rates on the rise – Mental Health awareness

Suicide rates on the rise – Mental Health awareness

Death by suicide is a complex issue and for the past few years mental health has been receiving a lot of importance. Many celebrities like Kate Spade, Chester Bennington, Anthony Bourdain, Robin Williams suicide and took the world by storm, proving that money and fame can’t cure deep rooted emotional issues. Though there has been a significant rise in the field of studying mental health and the number of health professionals have been dedicating their life to curing anxiety, depression and similar issues via medication and treatment, the issue happens to still be at large in developed and richer economies not just societies that are struggling in poverty or debt.
Though quality of life and age expectancy has gone up we are moving to raise a society that is not living for its significance but to compete and survive and become better than the best. Schools, education, workplace and food habits are also factors that are being taken into current studies because mental health and death by firearms, poisoning have many many determinant factors. Hence analyzing the root cause on societal habits and evolution of behavior in cultures and societies can help provide a more profound explanation to a problem that is at large. It is estimated that in every 40 seconds someone might take their life, that is as WHO explains 11.5 per 100,000 people.

One of the ongoing studies suggest that overdosing on pills to cope with stress, anxiety and depression can be considered pointless since pills can only help for a while but not having access to it can make the person return to the original state. Those dealing with loss, burdened with stress or feeling traumatic need to go through therapy that helps under that their life has a purpose and that they can help themselves and others when they recover from it. Quoted from a TV show “ Pain has an evolutionary purpose, it provides information from the environment that certain type of behavior isn’t good for us.”

The society is also divided in two when it comes to law makers stating that suicide is a crime and those who attempt a suicide are arrested because even taking your own life is a crime, while others call it a choice that the government can’t decide. Despite this heated debate many sources point bad relationships, abusive parents as the root cause for many depressions and substance abuse problems. In many societies teenagers and young adults start abusing drugs/ alcohol due to which girls get pregnant and or overdose on it.Ultimately leaving their children to be taken care of the state system and many many foster kids don’t end up in good homes or in crowded backgrounds thus raising an entire generation without proper support or care. Not that all foster care kids are raised bad, but majority of them deal with many issues at such a young age then most adults deal with their lifetime. Also adolescents who had been in foster care were nearly two and a half times more likely to seriously consider suicide than other youth (Pilowsky & Wu, 2006).

Substance abuse also occurs due to its over promotion, the number of people drinking and dosing to adhere to peer pressure or beauty standards has increased significantly. Meeting beauty standards isn’t only for women its creating a whole lot of competition with men, ultimately overdosing my accident either due to crash dieting or overdosing on pills.

From research there multiple personality, psychological, political and societal reasons why people commit suicide. It’s important to provide unconditional love to one another to avoid this circumstances. Yet many individuals need constant support, it is very painful to lose someone by taking their own life – the thought that springs up is “Oh I wish I knew he/she was going through this I could have helped”. Keeping it within and not discussion is the main reason many people feel helpless and that they are going through more pain than they can endure. That is why many many countries have national suicide prevention hotline to help rather than feel that they will be judged. These centers need to be on constant rise and celebrities more often than not need to spread awareness on this topic so more and more individuals can share their pain.