Stunning New Map Of Antartica Shows The Icy Details Of The Continent

Stunning New Map Of Antartica Shows The Icy Details Of The Continent

The most complete and accurate map of Antartica- the frozen continent in the bottom of the world has been made by a scientist from the University of Minnesota and Ohio State University.

“Up until now, we’ve had a better map of Mars than we’ve had of Antarctica,” Ian Howat, earth science professor at Ohio State, said in a statement. “Now it is the best-mapped continent on Earth.”

In order to show the stunning detail, the map uses high resolution and will also be able to provide new insights on climate change.

Astonishingly, Researchers can now know the exact height of every mountain and all the ice in all of Antarctica within a few feet. “It is the highest-resolution terrain map by far of any continent,” said Howat.

“Considering that Antarctica is the highest, driest, and one of the most remote places on Earth, we now have an incredible topographic model to measure against in the future,” said Paul Morin, a University of Minnesota earth sciences researcher.

Due to global warming, the landscape has been completely changed over the past few decades. According to a study earlier this year, more than 3 trillion ice has melted since 1992- That is equal to 2 quadrillion gallons of water added to the world’s oceans.

“Now we’ll be able to see changes in melting and deposition of ice better than ever before,” Morin said. “That will help us understand the impact of climate change and sea level rise. We’ll be able to see it right before our eyes.”

(Photo: National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency)