Storm Bronagh covers UK in massive floods and debris

Storm Bronagh covers UK in massive floods and debris

Few days after Storm Ali raged and killed two people, the second storm will cause more problems on Friday because of downpour and winds speeding at 50 mph. The Met office named it as Storm Bronagh and said there are possibilities of people getting injured due to flying debris and can cause delay due to fallen trees.

Met Office forecaster Rachel West said Londoners should expect “heavy rain and strong winds moving through, with heavy bursts of rain through the early hours”

The storm is expected to move across the Midlands and South-east England on Friday morning. Yellow warnings for winds were issued until 9 am on Friday

“Storm Bronagh is moving towards the north and east and we are going to continue to see strong, blustery and gusty north-westerly winds. We are looking at gusts of between 45 and 55 mph across the UK and associated with that some heavy showers with some hail and thunder.” Met Officer forecaster Rachael West said.

Manchester airport is experiencing delays because of windy conditions, while half a month of rain was emptied within 24 hours in Sheffield. And flooding caused severe delays in Wales on lines between Machynlleth and Aberystwyth. 12 flood warnings in place and 40 alerts issued across the country while South Yorkshire, Stafforshire and Chesterfield, England and West Midlands received individual warnings. Somerset Council Highways were reportedly dealing with more than 20 fallen trees overnight.

The damage so far: