Will Liverpool be expelled from the League Cup?

Liverpool Facing Possible Expulsion from League Cup Over Ineligible Player.

Liverpool faces the risk of being knocked out of the League Cup by Arsenal in the fourth round because of a legal problem.

Liverpool faces problems

They are attempting to iron out an administrative problem

After the English Football League launched an investigation into the club fielding an ineligible player in their Carabao Cup win over MK Dons.

The action of the Association of Professionals

The Association of Professionals opened an investigation accusing Liverpool of the participation of a player. who not entitled to take part against McDowns last week in the third round of the tournament.

German coach Jurgen Klopp involved in the match against second-division players and youngsters against Mc Donons last Wednesday. Which raised doubts about the legality of some players.

The final result in the third round

Liverpool beat McDowns 2-0 in the third round and drawn to face Arsenal at Anfield in the fourth round.

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