The draw for the Fed Cup qualifiers

Fed Cup qualifiers
The United States, the record-winning team, have been drawn with Latvian counterparts in the 2020 FIFA Women's World Cup.

The draw for the Fed Cup qualifiers. The United States, the record-winning team, have been drawn with Latvian counterparts in the 2020 FIFA Women’s World Cup qualifying tournament on Wednesday.

What is the draw for the Fed Cup qualifiers?

  • Brazil was drawn against Germany
  • The Netherlands against Belarus
  • Spain with Japan
  • Switzerland with Canada
  • Belgium with Kazakhstan
  • Slovakia with Britain

When will the qualifiers be scheduled to be held?

The qualifiers are scheduled to be held on the seventh and eighth of February. In order to qualify for the finals, which has been made some adjustments.

Where it is held through a combined session that lasts for a week, with the participation of 12 teams.

Where will the final be held?

The eight teams will participate in the finals, which will be held from 14 to 19 April in the Hungarian capital Budapest.

In order to, join the teams of France and Australia, the finalists of this year’s edition of the tournament, Hungary (host country). As well as the Czech Republic, which participates wild card (Wild Card.

The Czech Republic has dominated the tournament in recent years, after winning six titles in the last eight versions of the tournament. While the US team holds the record in the number of times the competition. Where he has 18 titles, the last in 2017.

ITF president David Haggerty said that:

“Today’s draw is the beginning of a new season for the FA Cup”
“It is very exciting that 20 teams will start next season and they will have a chance to win the title”

The tournament is parallel to the Davis Cup, which has also been amended. The first edition of the competition will be held in Madrid in November.

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