Tennis players come back to court under stage three warning

Tennis players come back to court under stage three warning

Aces are served and volleys are skipped at tennis clubs around the country as tennis is taking a small move toward returning to warning level three by the government.

More than 45 clubs have signed up as part of the touch monitoring system of Tennis New Zealand, while other clubs have set up their own systems that conform to the social distance laws of the country.

CEO of Tennis NZ, Julie Paterson said they want to ensure that everyone remains safe when they start to play again.

“We have set forward some pretty straightforward guidance on aspirations. Both from a club perspective and from an individual perspective,” Paterson said.

“The guys worked very hard on that over the weekend and it was launched on Monday to open on Tuesday. For those clubs that were desperate to be.

“Not everyone has achieved so and it was very obvious to us that it is a club decision. That they are confident enough to be able to meet all the health and safety criteria.

“So there will be some clubs that don’t feel good with it. There will be some that will take a bit longer to join”. At level three all players have to complete a touch tracing process before playing. Club houses have to stay closed, there will be no practice sessions. Players will only compete with other people within their bubble.

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