Qatar was charged by spreading poison to rift between UAE and Oman..while people in Twitter calling it “Arab’s Enemy”

Asian Cup

Twitter was on fire in the past few days. After Qatar‘s Arab’s Enemy strenuous attempts to destroy the 2019 Asian Cup. Now in the UAE, spreading lies, rumours and intrigues through its various arms. Which emerged strongly before the semi-finals. by generating a hashtag says “#UAEPreventFansOfOman” using the Twitter website.

A massive number of tweets that insult the UAE

It published a massive number of tweets that insult the UAE. claiming that Abu Dhabi will prevent the Omani people. who are currently on the country from attending the next game so as not to cheer the Qatari team. As well as broadcast many of the malicious rumors incited against the UAE.

The citizens of the two countries have realized what was going on. Then, the Omani people denied all of these rumors by posting a video from one of the programs of the Qatari sports channel “Al-Kass” revealing the truth of that Qatari rift between Abu Dhabi and Sana’a, explaining that this is the same approach taken by Al Jazeera.

After that, tweeters and influencers from both sides were highly interacting with

  • The hashtag denying all of these rumors and
  • ensuring that the current Asian Cup is the best in terms of Security. Organization, Welcoming, comfort, chilling and the sportive sprite!

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