Premier League Return, Maybe it’s going to be soon?

Premier League Return, Maybe it's going to be soon?

Next week’s efforts will accelerate to find a way to finish the Premier League season, as the government has announced its commitment to bring football return “as quickly as possible.”

Despite Premier League teams set to gather on Friday with a new coalition already convening this week chaired by the Department of Digital, Entertainment, Media and Sport, government officials are concerned of a “pace quickening.” Nonetheless, while certain Premier League clubs give up their training facilities, the complexities of how professional sport can return securely remain unclear.

Only on Friday the league will provide top-flight clubs with a plan to prepare for a complete return to training. After a weekend of news trumpeting the revival of top-flight football, with a three-week pre-season launching in May and 9 June matches behind closed doors. Monday’s culture minister, Oliver Dowden, told parliament he backed a swift restart but with a major coda.

“I have been in talks with the Premier League personally with a view. To getting football up and running as soon as possible to support the entire football community,” he said. “But any such changes will, of course, have to be aligned with guidelines on public safety.”

A meeting this week between the DCMS. Leaders of Public Health England and executives from Britain’s largest leagues. Including the Premier League, they will discuss whether sport will safely resume. They agreed that PHE and the government would have to sign off all medical and health measures.

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