The premier league connection that will tempt Lionel Messi

The premier league connection that will tempt Lionel Messi

Rivaldo, the Barcelona legend, thinks Lionel Messi may be willing to negotiate with former Manchester City manager Pep Guardiola.

At his boyhood club, the Argentine superstar has become increasingly unsettled as difficulties start to escalate behind the scenes.

Messi is said to be angry with Barca’s board over leaked media reports that seemed to make him appear to be responsible for club events.

This involved the six-time recipient of the Ballon d’Or being accused of playing a part in coach Ernesto Valverde’s January sacking.

The 33-year-old is also reportedly unhappy with the consistency of the team at Barcelona.

His current contract expires at the end of next season and Rivaldo has suggested that there might be a move to Man City on the horizon.

Lionel Messi / Guardiola

Guardiola won seven big pieces of silverware as Barca manager and Lionel Messi the lynchpin of his hand-winning the Treble of 2009.

Rivaldo said to Betfair: “If he’s planning to leave the club, perhaps everything doesn’t have to be nice in the locker room in Barcelona and maybe he’s sick of all the endless troubles that have plagued the club in recent months.

“When Lionel Messi’s contract ends. He ‘s going to be 34. But I think he could still play easily in the Premier League with his class.

“It’ll be sad to see him leave Barcelona once his contract finally ends.  But I still hope he’ll be able to stay there for now.

“Given his link with the club. He also has the freedom to transfer if he wants. And it would be enticing for him to meet Pep Guardiola at City. As the two formed a fantastic coach and player relationship at Barca.”

Rivaldo, who spent five years at the Nou Camp, has suggested negotiators would dream of teaming up Lionel Messi at Juventus with arch foe Cristiano Ronaldo.

He added: “With all this excitement. I imagine that some of the agents at Juventus are still thinking of a Messi-Ronaldo double. And how big it will be around the world.

“If that happened. There would be a global ‘boom’. Also I think Juventus would easily recover any spending in the Argentinean. Due to the exposure and publicity boost that they would receive.

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