Patriot League cancels activities because of coronavirus

Patriot League cancels activities because of coronavirus

Thanks to the coronavirus pandemic, The Patriot League does not play sports in the autumn.

The league also said in Monday’s statement that a decision would be taken on winter sports at a later date, and that exercise, conditioning, and physical training will be permitted.

The U.S. Army Academy and Naval Institute are excluded from the cancellation, and their superintendents will make all decisions about their interest in organized sports.

Patriot league is on hold

“Times are not any easier in this country from a health and safety point of view,” Patriot League president Jennifer Heppel told ESPN. “When we got closer to the point. That students are planning to come back to our colleges as well as student athletes.  It becomes obvious to us. That wouldn’t be in the best interest of our families to have sports next fall. That’s the choice that was taken. It’s extremely upsetting for our student athletes and coaches, so that’s not a choice.

Heppel said it will raise “many obstacles” to include fall sports in the spring, but the Patriot League would also discuss it — because she has no idea what that would be like now. So we will work on it.

“There continue to be so many unknowns”. She said. “We ‘re skipping into the winter and dreaming about spring and there are several obstacles around the world . I think we owe it to be frank and open about the fact that it’s going to be really difficult, but we owe it to our student-athletes and coaches to pursue any possibility that could be out there creatively.”

Heppel said the league is focused on bringing students back to an area of studying.

The announcement came on the heels of the Ivy League who last week cancelled their fall activities.

The Big Ten and the Pac-12 all revealed last week that. This football season they will only be featuring conference schedules.

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