MLB Virus Protocols up, including Masks in Dugouts

MLB Virus Protocols up, including Masks in Dugouts

Major League Baseball (MLB) is tightening down on security measures for coronavirus, allowing players and personnel to wear face masks at all times, including in dugouts and bullpens, except for playing on the field.

Following outbreaks on the Miami Marlins and St. Louis Cardinals, the league sent a memo to franchises Wednesday detailing improvements to its 2020 operating manual due to 21 postponements over the first two weeks of a shortened 60-game season.

The memo, received on Wednesday night by The Associated Press, says frequent or flagrant violators of the rules could be prohibited from playing in the 2020 season and postseason.

MLB is cautious

This covers those who watch from the dugout without wearing face coverings. Though these interventions were in MLB’s operations manual before Wednesday. Certain players continued not to wear face masks, give high fives, spit and otherwise breach the protocols during games.

Umpires are often required to wear face masks at all times. Even where doing their duties would make it unworkable for them.

Compliance officers naming for each squad and tasking with following procedures. Outlining in the Operations manual in an attempt to keep the season going for baseball.

Players and employees will wear facial masks at all times when on the road in team hotels and in public buildings. Men will wear surgical masks, or N95 / KN95 respirators, on squad buses and aircraft.

At hotels, teams must have a big private room — a ballroom. For example — where staff and players can have enough space to keep their distance from food and other facilities. Players can’t chat or approach each other while their mask is down when feeding.

When players want to leave the facility, they must first seek enforcement officer permission from the manager.

Players and workers can’t enter pubs, lounges, malls or other locations. Where groups of people are gathering when they are in their home cities.

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