Liverpool needs to be rebuilt but Werner may not be the best signing

Liverpool needs to be rebuilt but Werner may not be the best signing

A transfer to Liverpool has been “linked to” by several stars. Even better, in the last two months, all of them were related to a move to Liverpool, a list of proposed transfers that just needs repeating because it is so ridiculous. One of these players is Timo Werner. We can only hope that Jürgen Klopp has turned off the Google alert on his phone for the sake of his own sleep habits.

This red-shirted shadow army of course has major caveats. In the best of times, “connected to” is a thin gruel, shorthand for ambitious agents and arm-length bluff. And lockdown of course does funny things to us all. Right now there’s an open room where football is meant to be, served by an industry that also lacks content production.

Werner may or may not sign

But there is still a layer of truth hide underneath the pile of flesh. A shiver of fear as the next move of Liverpool towards the title of the league is getting closer. That is partially moving by the issue of what’s next. There is something going on here. Still, precisely what?

The new close-miss is not on the chart. This is of course Timo Werner, who may or may not reach an agreement this week with Chelsea. But who has already become a very public non-signer from Liverpool. This is a remarkable decision in itself, the inability to hire a player portrayed by Klopp. As an intervention instead of an absence. As a constructive option, as aspect of a strategically viable team-building plan.

In the wrong moment of utter global crisis Werner was absolutely the right guy at £53 m. Such is the degree of faith in Klopp and the owners of the club that this seems very fair. Footballing lore insists that great teams always build from a position of strength: a line that tends to overlook the broader truth that you always need to build in football, that even the finest teams exist in a state of constant disintegration, weak or strong.

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