Liverpool celebrates Mohamed Salah

Liverpool celebrates Mohamed Salah
Mohamed Salah Inspires Liverpool

The official Twitter page of the Liverpool celebrates Mohamed Salah. It hailed the brilliance of the Egyptian star Mohamed Salah during his team’s match against West Ham in a postponed match from the 18th round of the English Premier League.

Mohamed Salah Inspires Liverpool

Victory over a team West Ham

  • Mohamed Salah continues to prove that he is perhaps the greatest ‘one-season-wonder’.
  • He has ever graced the Premier League following his latest antics in the capital as Liverpool secured an all-important 2-0 victory against West Ham.

Liverpool celebrates Mohamed Salah “The King”

Liverpool club Twitter

The Liverpool page called Salah a title, describing it as a “magician”, and added:

  • A goal, an essay, and a match man award for Super Mohamed Salah.

Super Mohamed Salah

  1. The Mohamed Salah led the Reds team to win a double without a response.
  2. Thanks to a first goal scored in the 35th minute from a penalty kick.
  3. In addition, he made a wonderful pass with his left foot for his teammate Alex Oxlade Chamberlain.
  4. Who filed the net in the 52nd minute of the match.

Mohamed Salah entered the history of Liverpool club

  • Salah entered the history of the club from its widest gates after the goal that he scored against West Ham.
  • As well as, he became the historic top scorer (5) with 66 goals.

According to “Squaka” statistics:

  • Excluding former Liverpool legend Fernando Torres from his fifth position to replace him.
Liverpool’s scorer list was as follows:
  • Firstly: Robbie Fowler (128)
  • Secondly: Stephen Gerrard (120)
  • Thirdly: Michael Owen (118)
  • Fourthly: Luis Suarez (69)
  • Finally: Mohamed Salah (66)
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