Gary Neville: Arsenal defence is a mess and needs to be replaced

Gary Neville: Arsenal defence is a mess and needs to be replaced

Gary Neville claims Arsenal manager Mikel Arteta can not fix the club’s problems without a complete defensive overhaul.

On the opening day of the Premier League’s restart, Arsenal followed their 3-0 defeat at Manchester City with a last-gasp 2-1 loss at relegation-threatened Brighton Saturday.

It was a massive blow to the prospects of winning European football next season for the north London club and Neville, speaking on the Gary Neville show, maintains that there will be no change from the Gunners without new defenders.

Gary Neville’s statements

“You just can’t trust Arsenal, you’ve been unable to trust Arsenal for years,” he told Gary Neville Podcast.

“We’ve all said it. Mikel Arteta-we should still say Arsenal’s shape is playing, I think the shape they have defensively is better than it was before, but you’ll be let down by the individuals inside.

“With better concentration, they need only defenders. Jamie (Carragher) mentioned that Dejan Lovren is emotional.

It is where you’re going to take it and you can’t do it.

Most Arsenal followers appear to be unhappy that Brazil’s defenders are in charge another year. Because they are analysts and they plan to hold the 33-year-old for an additional 12 months through the Gunners hierarchy.

The former midfield footballer Emmanuel Petit lambasted, “David Luiz wasn’t an effective footballer for about three years.” “But I’m not shocked he received a new deal in Arsenal because I was very dissatisfied with the club’s transfers practices.

“Of course, if I was David Luiz, I would sign a new deal and any day I wake up I would say thanks to the Directors of Arsenal as well. He is still not the same player, even when he won last in the Premier League with Chelsea. All this man missed.

“It’s a joke, to be honest. Find a few correct supporters. You inform me why there aren’t bright youth lobbyists on the market? I don’t have it. “I really don’t.

Many share that view, but Arsenal has a very important person who differs greatly from Petit’s opinion.

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