Ben Mee Condemns Plane Racist Message

Ben Mee Condemns Plane Racist Message

Club captain Ben Mee said he was saddened and humiliated by a tweet that said ‘Black Lives Matter Burnley’ flew over the Etihad Stadium.

The flag was pulled over Manchester City ‘s home by an airplane shortly after the Premier League start for the Clarets kick-off.

Previously, in favor of the Black Lives Matter campaign, both participants, staff, and politicians had taken a knee.

Stars even wore the words Black Lives Matter on their jerseys as they vowed to take a role in the social injustice movement.

Ben Mee condemns the act

The players of the Clarets – who went on to lose 5-0 – were visibly upset by the sight of the message attached to the Burnley name being trailed across the sky and captured by broadcasters and the game-covering national media.

At half-time, the club issued a strong statement of condemnation with Ben Mee then speaking after the game on behalf of all his team-mates.

“I’m ridiculed and annoyed. That some of our fans have chosen to put that around the stadium”. Ben Mee said.

“They totally missed the point. And there’s a group of humans in there who are embarrassed to see that.

“It’s not what we ‘re talking about. And missing the essence of what we’ve done. And what we’re striving to achieve (by joining the Movement for Black Lives).

“It’s not the representation of what we’re all about. The club, the players and, I ‘m sure, what most fans are all about.

It’s a tiny group of people that this happens to me, I’m very disappointed.

Ben Mee totally gets the idea of the campaign Black lives matter. In fact, most athletes do. Some normal people lack the understanding of how racism can badly influence our lives. We are all humans and nothing else matters other than that. We certainly hope that the campaign works and for it to eliminate racism from the world once and for all.

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