American basketball player appears to be pregnant!

American basketball player
A routine doping test for an American basketball player appears to be pregnant!

All this after the American basketball player Donnelly Digger Cooper tried to deceive the committee concerned with the doping analysis that is usually performed by athletes.

A routine doping test for an American basketball player:

A trick can fool everyone, But what happened caused him a big “scandal”.

As well as, turned into satirical news circulated by various media and social networking pages.

But the shocking result that caused him the scandal showed that he was “pregnant.”

What was the result of the fraud?!

A number of sports media reports, Cooper banned from playing in any European team by an international resolution.

A routine doping test to join the team:

This was just before he joined a Bosnian basketball team.

In order to complete this sporting move, he had to undergo the routine doping test conducted by all athletes in their respective fields.

But Cooper’s test results were very controversial.

During this medical analysis, the American professional had to provide his own urine sample.

In order to examine and to make sure that he did not take the prohibited steroids.

How he was discovered ?!

Sparking widespread controversy about the player.

But the results were very bizarre when “female hormones” discovered that usually secreted when the woman is pregnant.

When the incident investigated, it turned out that Cooper gave a sample of his girlfriend to falsify his passing.

However, he did not know at all about her pregnancy, which caused him a resounding sporting scandal.

American basketball player involvement in the fraud:

In addition to banning from playing in Europe by an international decision until June of the next year 2020.

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