Somalia’s experts warn about growing instability sown into the country’s security and intelligence forces

Somalia’s experts warn about growing instability sown into the country’s security and intelligence forces

Experts in Somalia have warned that there will be serious repercussions of actions to turn the local police and security forces and intelligence from independent government agencies to serve directions given by Qatar’s forces.

The Somali media warned that the current political and social divide will only increase and will give rise to armed conflicts. These warnings were released against the background of the messages that revealed the receipt of security personnel training in Doha, in preparation for their reappointment in the police, especially in the capital Mogadishu.

A Qatari agent in Somalia named Fahad Al-Yassin made attempts to implement ‘the Doha plan’ to tighten dominance and control the over all security services that would further fragment and divide Somalia.

Al-Yassin has been known to lead the Qatari intelligence services since President Mohammed Abdullah Faramago has taken to power, a plan that would transfer all the security services of Somalia to serve Qatar. The plan was about making broad and sensitive changes in important positions with direct guidance from Qatar.

The plan also included accusing high-level security figures to work to exclude all currents and wings that seek to maintain the independence of the Somali security services and neutrality as a safety valve, to maintain the unity of the country and re-cohesion.

The Somali security expert Abdul Rahman Jameh said “that the future of the country seems more “ambiguous” because of the interference of Qatar and its attempt to impose its security and political agenda and the dissemination of Muslim Brotherhood thought by force.” He also revealed that he has “confirmed information about the refusal of neighboring countries, especially Kenya, to deal with the Somali security and intelligence services Known links to terrorist groups active in the Horn of Africa, and being trained by the country’s intelligence services used as a claw in the region. ”

Jameh continued: Qatar is interested only in tightening its control over Somalia and the implementation of its agenda after the failure of projects in many African countries and cause them to tear apart many countries and its threat to world peace and security.
He pointed out that the coming period will be more like the Qatari holocaust of the Somali

The Somali security expert Farah Abadi said “that the current government has made suspicious decisions hit the Constitution and the internal laws of the country, the wall, through the dependence on the change of security services to the agenda of Qatar, which has become control of all the joints of the country security, they also appoint officers of security and intelligence in the police, as a a scheme to liquidate the neutrality and independence of the police and transferred from an independent apparatus to a subsidiary receives instructions from the intelligence.”

He continued to talk about the “attempt by  Qatar’s agents to turn the country into a security haven and a backyard for Qatar’s plans in the Horn of Africa would be detrimental to the country’s relations with neighboring countries first and peace and internal social security. ”

He warned that external interference and infiltration of the security services, especially from a state sponsor of terrorism such as Qatar, will lead to further disruption of the internal social fabric and the fragmentation of social relations between the Somali components and re-scenarios of war and bloody conflicts that will lead to the division of the country.

The Somali political analyst, Mohammed Norsidu said “The Somali leaders should have moved away from the suspicious Qatari agenda that supports terrorism and supports the delivery of militant groups and control over countries,” he said, adding that such changes and negative signals sent by Somali leaders will be reflected in the future on the security and political situation of the country.  He also detailed that Qatar is often trending to support and  deliver to support terrorist groups abroad and in Somalia, (groups such as Al-Shabaab).