Rise in the number of families being displaced due to landmines and on-going war in Yemen

Rise in the number of families being displaced due to landmines and on-going war in Yemen

The Houthi rebels has caused more chaos, death and destruction in Yemen leading to deaths of 10,000 civilians, caused famine and left more than 4 million children starving. UN has called Yemen’s current status as the worst humanitarian crisis, because the people are not only struggling to escape their homes that are covered with landmines but also fighting for limited aid that they have as majority of the aid coming into the country through the Hodeidah port is under constant attack.

The Houthi rebels are receiving training, financing, ammunition and military support from Iran through sea routes. The coalition led by Saudi Arabia and United Arab Emirates have taken on various roles including humanitarian aid,

Agence France Presse (AFP) interviewed a family of three – a boy named Imad, his sister Alia who had to leave their home with their mother after their father was killed by a landmine and their home was known to be completely surrounded by deadly munitions . The family headed to the Al-Waara camp in the Khokra district.

The mother in an interview with AFP said “And it was while her husband made his way to market that he was killed on a road “riddled with landmines”. “The Houthis then told us to either leave the house or risk being killed,”.

The family has no way to return home as “All the roads leading back to our home are lined with explosives.” . Human Rights Watch said that “Huthi forces have repeatedly laid antipersonnel, anti-vehicle and improvised mines as they withdrew from areas in Aden, Taez, Marib and, more recently, along Yemen’s western coast,” the HRW said.

Landmines “will pose a threat to civilians long after the conflict ends,” it warned. Even though the United Arab Emirates has its military personnel removing and disengaging as many as 30,000 landmines per week is not enough as the Houthi Rebels have placed way more than that in residential districts.

The Saudi-led coalition has conducted many air strikes many of which have killed children and many other civilians in rebel-held areas. More than 22 million people inhabit the Arab World’s most impoverished country and are in dire need of Food Aid and Medical supplies. The Emirates Red Crescent – Humanitarian arm of the United Arab Emirates delivers food and aid to the Al-Qaara camp approximately every three weeks, and each tent in the camp receives a pack of food, that includes pasta, beans, tuna, salt, sugar and rice.

Emirates Red Crescent is also involved in constructing hospitals to attend to the sick, injured, malnourished children. Due to the current crisis of poverty and famine – diseases such as cholera are running rampant.