“Pawn star” loses their key star Richard Harrison

“Pawn star” loses their key star Richard Harrison

The ‘Pawn Star’ is a reality TV show that airs on the History channel and is based on the true gold and silver pawn shop set up by the humbling Richard Harrison in 1980s. Richard also known as the Old man passed away due to Parkinson’s disease yesterday at the age of 77.

He was a Navy veteran and decided to start a pawn store, it had the same purpose as any – to give you the price of any valuable item with reason. It became the Center of attraction in Las Vegas as soon as it became the Center of the Reality show and many many props, celebrity items, unusual artefacts and historically significant possessions. The show aired in 2009 and became History channel’s highest rated show. Going on to show not only Harrison but also his son and his grandson in the daily life of a pawn shop. The shop gained much recognition and they proudly said that those who visited Vegas wasn’t only cause of Vegas many fans of the show travelled to meet these people in their store.

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The show in fact is so famous that History channel started a series called Pawnography hosted by Comedian Christopher Titus and featuring Rick and Corey Harrison and Austin Russell as panelists. Pawnography had enlisted a series of contestants who were supposed to determine the price of an item being the vice versa of what these folks did on the ‘Pawn Star’.

Here’s some of the show’s best highlights :

Best of Counting Cars: Richard Senior’s Chrysler Imperial

“Old Man”  imparting wisdom

and last but not the least funniest moments with him in the show