Qatar’s hackers have targeted not just Elliott Broidy but more than 1,200 individuals and officials

Qatar’s hackers have targeted not just Elliott Broidy but more than 1,200 individuals and officials

We wrote about how hackers in Qatar allegedly hacked Elliott Broidy’s email, distributing content to journalists and engaging in a smear campaign against him. Elliott Broidy’s lawyers said that Qatari government’s hackers targeted not just Elliott and American business men but several officials from Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Syria and UAE.

Mr.Broidy has filed claims with his wife Robin Rosenzweig against the Qatari government in Los Angeles. Along with 80 subpoenas and months of forensic analysis with the help of legal team found as many as 1,200 individuals targeted by the same cyber criminals, according to New York Times.

Elliott in a statement to the press stated that he was targeted for his advocacy against Doha and “strong political views against Qatar’s state sponsored terrorism and double dealing”. When this case was presented the federal judge in California dismissed claims against Qatar on the grounds of sovereign immunity.

The lawyers of Mr.Broidy and his wife had received similar phishing emails that tricked recipients to click a link to a website enabled a password. Url was compressed by TinyUrl, hence by subpoenaing TinyUrl they tried to find other shortened web links the service had provided to the same user. The response was 11,000 pages of gibberish” Lee Wolosky said, a lawyer for Mr Broidy, so “we knew we were dealing with a serious player”.

What Lee meant was that the 11,000 pages contained of pure computer code that had links to thousands of bogus web pages and code for each web page had contained the email address of the intended victim. Communications of these websites always stayed hidden until an incident occurred and the link was back tracked to a telecommunication network operating from Qatar.

The lawyers are continuing to pursue this case because these emails appeared in major media outlets in March of this year. The facts were manipulated to allege that Elliott was trying to influence the president to push his own business interests, as well as promote hawkish US policies against Doha. It also claims that Mr Broidy worked with George Nader, who was allegedly advising the UAE, and is also a witness in Robert Mueller’s probe into Russia’s role in the 2016 US election.