Qatar hacked disgraced G.O.P Fund Raiser and now he wants to sue them

Qatar hacked disgraced G.O.P Fund Raiser and now he wants to sue them

In under three days after exposing the involvement of the Qatari regime in large scale-plot of cyber crime in the Unites States, the New York times has unfolded details about the individuals targeted in the scheme, the targets were Western and Arab officials, diplomats, former CIA official and activists

The report by David Kirkpatrick, states that the new documents compiled by the lawyers of prominent US businessman, Eliot Broidy. He was in turn a victim of Qatari piracy – and showed that the Doha plot included about 1,200 people of different nationalities.

Among the target figures are 19 UAE officials or dignitaries, including diplomats, as well as political and media personalities from Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Bahrain, Syria, the United States, Britain and Netherlands.

Most of these figures were included in an 11,000 page report. A summary by a team of Baroudi’s lawyers and experts over the past few months demonstrated the involvement of the ruling regime in Doha in these cyber attacks that took place late last year and early this year.

The New York Times quoted Baroudi’s lawyer are saying that the report proved conclusively that Qatar’s agents were behind these complex attacks, in which he received seemingly innocent messages to steal passwords and other confidential information from his e-mail accounts.

Official judicial lawyers have insisted that the source of these letters has been shown to have been sent by a communications network in Qatar, despite the desperate efforts of its perpetrators to conceal their identity and the identity of their operators.

The report includes details of thousands of fake sites created specifically for the purpose of erecting “traps for the target characters .. as well as e-mail addresses of these characters.” The New York Times have said that although these details do not clarify the identity of those who have already been able to penetrate their accounts, the evidence suggests that the Doha-based e-hackers raided the targeted victims with repeated messages to seize information about their accounts.

As per the Baroudi report, the list of targets includes 15 prominent Egyptian officials, diplomats and General Abbas Kamel. General Abbas is currently head of the country’s intelligence service. The newspaper said the US broadcast channels attributed to Doha months before the recordings were said to have leaked from the office of Kamel. The list goes on to include two former American employees of a Washington-based publicity and public relations company.

Many of them publicly criticize Qatar, including British journalist Amjad Taha Yassin and former Dutch intelligence analyst Ronald Sandy And former CIA official Christine Wood, who is a consultant in a private security firm.

NY times said that there is new evidence that conclusively proves that agents of Qatari regime were involved in spying, robbery and piracy of an American Businessman who happens to be a close friend of President Donald Trump and formed the focus of a lawsuit before a US court. The Business filed a lawsuit that accused Baroudi of using Global Security Advisors such as an online security consulting firm that coordinated the piracy campaign, a campaign that led to the burglary of some of his messages, these stolen messages were altered and leaked to the media leading to misinterpretations.

Prosody’s lawyers continue to indict those responsible for the espionage operation that targeted him in their personal capacity after the judge assigned to the case against the Qatari state refused to continue its review due to the 1976 Foreign Immunities Act,

The lawyers of the Republican ruling party said that they will confirm on the involvement of Qatar in the plot and will punish the electronic pirates working for rogue states such as Qatar, currently the laws of U.S. prevent the prosecution of the state itself. The New York times stressed that the revelations of the lawyers of the close friend of the President of the United States highlights the “escalating electronic war” which is used by the hackers of electronic costs.