Will Washington lift sanctions pressure on Iran?

Washington lift sanctions
Discussion to ease the pressure on Iran

Will Washington lift sanctions on Tehran? A new episode entered the US-Iranian crisis, European diplomats are rallying on a new French initiative to ease pressure on Tehran because of Washington sanctions in return for Iran’s full commitment to the nuclear deal.

Discussion to ease the pressure on Iran

US President Donald Trump, Washington lift sanctions open to the initiative presented by his French counterpart, during the summit of the seven major industrialized nations in Biarritz. He agreed to continue the French side to work on, in oder to ease the pressure on Iran in the sale of oil.

Will Washington lift sanctions on Tehran?

The Iranian side confirmed the flexibility shown by Washington. Where he announced the political assistant to the Iranian Foreign Minister Abbas Araghchi. Washington lift sanctions, So US President Donald Trump has shown flexibility in his position towards allowing Tehran to sell its oil to other countries.

Trump added in statements to “Maârif” radio that:

Iran fought In recent months, there have been intense negotiations with France on the conditions for Tehran’s return to

  • full compliance with its responsibilities under the nuclear deal.

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U.S. flexibility to ease pressure on Tehran:

  • sell oil
  • cordial statements

According to Dr. Hisham Al-Bakali, a specialist in Iranian affairs:

It is part of an unclear “courtship” in response to Iranian quirks. That have always called for sanctions to lift and in order to sit at the negotiating table.

Al-Bakali said in statements:

  • If there was a real intention for Washington lift sanctions to ease the pressure on Iran.
  • There would be no restriction on the Iranian oil tanker Adrian Daraya, located off the Syrian coast.
  • Eventually, The threat of those who buy oil from Iran, which led to the change of the tanker.

Why Washington will lift sanctions on Tehran?

The expert on Iran explained that:

  • Washington lift sanctions will not abandon its conditions and that Tehran will continue the policy of stubbornness and will not accept those conditions.
  • Expecting not to reach a final solution to the crisis or lift sanctions on Tehran. in order to reach a final version of the agreement between them,
  • But sitting at the negotiating table is a solution Satisfactory to both parties, even if they have not reached a solution.

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