Why relations with Qatar is against the US?

Qatar is anti-Semitic and incites against the West and American society

Relations with Iran are for the benefit of Qatar, not the Americans.

Qatar Activates Ties With Iran

The series of scandals of the state of Qatar, which supports terrorism, and harboring the members of the Muslim Brotherhood in its ranks.

Used Al-Jazeera as an information tool in order to spread its orientation and incitement to Arab countries.

Approved by the US House of Representatives in a report published by US Attorney Jack Bergman.

It is investing $ 200 million in spying on Africa. It supports all extremist and ideological groups in North, East, Central, and West Africa.

As well as, It is attracting foreign nationals from all over the world to Mali, under the guise of humanitarian aid and bilateral relations. In the Sahara and Libya to Syria.

Allied with Turkey who is against America

It signed a deal to buy up to 100 Turkey-made Altay … “Turkey’s economic downturn and its strained relations with allies may make it.

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Qatar and Turkey are the bastions of terrorism in the world, as well as stressing that the International Federation is considering withdrawing the World Cup 2022 file from Doha.

Also, pointing out that international human rights organizations do not care about violations in Turkey and have a blind bias towards Israel.

Global corruption in more than one field, worldwide (sports)

FIFA is holding secret meetings in order to discuss the possibility of it being banned from hosting the 2022 World Cup.

Eventually, FIFA is holding heated discussions about it’s missed and gifts to another country, after a series of outstanding differences.

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