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U.S. Forces To Stay In South Korea And Italy As Coronavirus Spreads

U.S. Forces Are Told To Stay In South Korea And Italy As Coronavirus Spreads

A South Korea arrangement construction worker operational at the U.S. military garrison Camp Walker in Daegu the South Korean city hardest hit by the coronavirus outbreak almost Monday became the eighth person associated to the U.S. military in that nation to be diagnosed back Covid-19, the complaint caused by the virus.

“The misery that we found taking into consideration lawsuit number 8 is that he’s been poorly since last Monday, March 2. And he’s been coming through our gates answering our questions falsely,” said garrison commander Col. Edward Ballanco in a Facebook Live video of the construction worker, who they discoved that he is positive last week for Covid-19. “It’s reprehensible, and he will never come as regards codicil anew.”

Why do Soldiers stay in South Korea and Italy

A U.S. soldier and also his wife stationed in South Korea have with tested unadulterated for coronavirus.

All the gone suggestion to 29,000 American military and civilians who are on the subject of bases in South Korea customary orders Sunday to “decrease society”. All travel to or from South Korea for the sick is on hold by the order, at least until May 6.

The U.S. forces in South Korea have been concerning high lighthearted for the coronavirus by now Feb. 24. There were a new 7,300 cases in South Korea.

In Italy, where over 9,100 cases of the virus were the highest number of cases uncovered China a “suspend society” order was upon the one peak of 15,000 American military members and civilians who are there at seven U.S. bases.

Last week also a sailor stationed in Naples became the first  and to date. Without help  aficionado of the U.S. military to test flattering for the coronavirus in Italy.

Nearly a quarter-million uniformed and civilian Americans are in the U.S. military in 176 nations. According to the latest Pentagon financial bank account. And choice 2.7 million produce an effect at military installations across the United States.

Many behave at or also comprehensible the Pentagon in Washington, D.C.

“We’re in savings account to adequately confident that we can continue to undertaking the functions. That the Pentagon needs to be supple if we have some outbreak in the building”. Defense Secretary Mark Esper also told reporters at the Pentagon last Thursday. “We don’t have that yet knock wood. But we tortured feeling to prepare for the whole and we’re concerning taking a variety of events.”


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