Economic expansion demonstration by Trump will mask the story

Trump's big demonstration of economic expansion will mask the true story

Make America safe again campaign by President Donald Trump should deliver just what he desires amid economic expansion on Thursday — a triumph walk over the coronavirus pandemic which limits life or death decisions to others.

But with virus epicenters already sustaining hundreds of deaths every day, Trump claims it’s time to prove America is the “comeback boy” poised to unleash a remarkable global renaissance.

With new statistics showing that 5.2 million Americans applied for unemployment insurance last week, bringing the number of first-time claimants since mid-March to 22 million, the effect of social distancing steps that closed the economy was clearly exposed on Thursday.

Trump’s economic expansion

The statistics will intensify the increasingly agonizing decision about how to reconcile a desire to protect environmental safety with the desire to bring workers back to work that the president and state governors are addressing.

The President plans to issue new guidance advising states they may remove stay-at-home restrictions and ease societal distancing even before a deadline of May 1 at their governors’ discretion.

It will be a significant and unifying milestone in fighting the epidemic. It has now consumed more than 30,000 Americans. Which also cracked down on the nation’s economic downturn.

Yet in the battle against the pathogen. With certain states now at or near their highs, with some well short of theirs. Trump’s campaign threats serve as a significant diversion.

Several governors said their states are nowhere from opening on Wednesday. With some noting that their cases of coronavirus are yet to peak. Trump reported positive news about a slowing curve in Washington, DC. But on Wednesday, Mayor Muriel Bowser extended the state of emergency in the city until May 15. Mayor Eric Garcetti, of Los Angeles, told CNN he could suspend athletic activities until 2021. Yet frontline physicians yet nurses suffered another day of pain and fear of infection.

The implication that Trump’s allowing states to open up. It is legally superfluous indicates his true purpose is an election-year electoral tactic. That places him as leading the revival and others. That criticize him as laggards dragging down America.

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