Trump warns China about the spread of Covid-19 as Europe reaches 100,000 deaths

Trump warns China about the spread of Covid-19 as Europe reaches 100,000 deaths

US President Donald Trump warns on Saturday that if China were “knowingly liable” for the coronavirus pandemic, it might face repercussions.

“It could have halted in China until it began and it wasn’t,” Mr. Trump told reporters during a briefing at the White House.

“And now the entire world is hurting because of it.” Mr. Trump was asked if China should face consequences for just the pandemic that started in December in the central city of Wuhan and killed more than 157,000 people worldwide.

Trump warns China

“Probably if they were consciously liable,” he said. “If it’s an error, it’s an error.” But if they’re intentionally liable, well, then there will be repercussions, “Mr. Trump warns.” Was it a mistake that went out of hand or was it purposely done? “There is a major gap between these two, he said.

“They would have let us go in in any case,” he said, referring to a research assistance request from the US.

“We asked early to go in. So they didn’t want us in. I guess they thought it was a bad thing so they got ashamed.”

“They said they were making an enquiry,” the president said. “So let’s see what’s going on with their probe, but we’re conducting investigations as well.”

Trump administration has said it doesn’t rule out the unintended transmission of coronavirus from a research laboratory bats in Wuhan.

Speaker of the Chinese Foreign Ministry Zhao Lijian – who claimed that the U.S. military may have taken the virus to China – denied U.S. media reporting on the subject and said there was “no empirical justification” for suggesting that China might encourage the virus to spread.

Sir Jeremy, a director of the Scientific Advisory board for Emergencies (Sage) of the government, said premature removal of the lockout would mean that the virus would return “very rapidly.”

“If we were to lift those lockdowns very soon when the outbreak rates are already elevated. Otherwise the disease would come back again, it would come back really easily.

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