Trump wants a “diplomatic solution” to Iran’s nuclear file

Iran's nuclear file
$15 billion to save the agreement.

US Special Representative for Iran, Brian Hawk, has confirmed that US President Donald Trump wants to reach a diplomatic solution to the Iran’s nuclear file.

Trump wants to conclude a new deal that addresses Iran’s missile programs and prevents terrorist financing.
The threat of Iran to lift enrichment is blackmail to exert pressure during the coming period.

Jean-Yves Ludrian calls for bolder diplomacy:

The explanations came from the French Foreign Minister, Jean-Yves Le Drian, who called for bolder diplomacy. The “Ludrian” has drawn the outlines of French diplomacy in front of the “Association of Diplomatic Press”, disclosing “the will to mediate in over one file, especially the Iranian file.”

The Iranian Crisis: Much remains to be resolved

“Negotiations at this level are fragile,” Li ZICO said, quoting the foreign minister himself, who said there was “still a lot to be settled” to save the nuclear deal. Iran‘s threat to scale back its commitments on Friday would be a “bad signal”, which written by Liberation, citing a French diplomatic source.

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15 billion dollars to save the Iran’s nuclear file:

“Lacroix” titled its article “$15 billion to save the agreement” The amount is the value of the line of credit that France, Germany, and Britain plan to give Iran in return for full compliance with the nuclear deal. The offer depends on Washington not opposing it. Le Monde quoted former French ambassador to Tehran Francois Nicolot. As saying that “the negotiations could fail because of the reservations of the United States and the conservatives in Iran.”

A bombing in Kabul coincides with the announcement of a settlement with the Taliban

The compromise reached by the Americans and the Taliban in Doha. Le Monde pointed out that the announcement of a settlement coincided with a new bloody bombing in the Afghan capital, Kabul.

The agreement also calls for the withdrawal of 5,000 US troops in return for assurances from the Taliban. That Afghanistan will not use a base to attack the United States and its allies.

But is the agreement enough to end the bloody conflict between Afghan government forces and militants? The question posed by Lacroix, who referred to the reservations of President Ashraf Ghani. Who stayed away from negotiations pending the start of Afghan-Afghan talks after several weeks in principle in Norway.

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