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Trump threatens Khamenei on his Twitter account

Iran’s Twitter war with President Trump

Trump threatens Khamenei the leader of the Iranian revolution: Khamenei should be “very careful in his words”.

Trump threatens Khamenei on his Twitter account

US President Donald Trump said that:

Iran’s Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei should “be very careful” of what he says.

Trump wrote on his Twitter account:

  • “Whoever is called the” supreme leader “of Iran.
  • In addition, he was not the” supreme “recently, some dirty things to say about the United States and Europe.”
Trump added:

“Their economy (Iran) is in a state of collapse, and their people are suffering. (Khamenei) must be very careful in his words!”

Trump writes a tweet in the Persian language

Trump’s tweet came about an hour after Khamenei’s tweets in his Persian language.

In which he said that:

“The cry of revenge for the Iranian nation was the real fuel for the missiles that rocked the American base.”

Khamenei’s tweets

  • Firstly, Khamenei’s tweets were excerpts from Friday sermon, delivered today in Arabic.
  • As well as, commenting on Tehran’s missile strikes against Iraq’s Ain al-Assad base, on January 8, which were containing US forces.
  • So, in response to the killing of Iran’s Quds Force commander Qasim Soleimani in an American raid.
Khamenei added that:
  1. America killed a lot in Iraq and Afghanistan.
  2. But it did not admit it.
  3. Finally, the US president admits that he assassinated us, considering Soleimani’s killing as a “scandal.”

During his first Friday sermon in eight years, Khamenei said that:

The Revolutionary Guards missile strike against Ain al-Assad base was “a divine act.”

Khamenei added that:

Western powers, relying on
  1. Science
  2. Technology
  3. False media
  4. Finally, Cunning political methods
Managed to dominate the countries of the region with espionage
  • Firstly, Political
  • Secondly, Economic control
  • Eventually, Planting the Zionist cancerous gland in the heart of the countries of West Asia.
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