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Trump signs the defense spending budget for 2020

Trump signs $738 billion defense bill.

US President Donald Trump signed a defense spending budget for 2020 of $738 billion and officially announces the creation of the U.S. Space Forces.

The U.S. Space Forces creation

US President officially announced the creation of the Space Forces, as part of the military budget signing ceremony.

Trump said during the signing:

“Today, we have an essential stage, and today we formally introduce a new branch of our armed forces called the Space Forces.”

The signing ceremony

It held among a crowd of American soldiers at the Andrews Military Base in Maryland, USA.

Trump signs the defense spending budget for 2020

The Signing Ceremony for the National Defense Authorization Act for FY 2020.

The Congress approved the defense budget bill

Prior to that, the Congress, in its two chambers of Representatives and the Senate approved the defense budget bill.

Which includes allocating:

  • Firstly, $635 billion to the basic needs of the Pentagon.
  • Secondly, $71.5 billion to continue military operations in Afghanistan, Syria, and Yemen, and military operations in other countries.
  • Thirdly, $31.5 billion to maintain combat effectiveness, modernize nuclear weapons and pay for other defense costs.

Trump said on twitter

  • Firstly, We will always provide for our Veterans and their mental health.
  • In addition, I pushed Congress to provide $10 Billion for Vet mental health, suicide prevention outreach.
  • As well as, Funding for my PREVENTS Initiative to end Vet suicide.
Congress responded.

“A big win for our Vets!”


The draft military budget

It provides for anti-Russian sanctions at a number of points.

The draft military budget targeting:

  1. “North Stream 2” line
  2. As well as, “Turkish Stream” line

Eventually, For pumping Russian gas to Europe, within the framework of the “Protection of Syrian Civilians” law.

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